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Daya Disruptor for CXL
Used for Corneal Strengthening
• 40 fine sharp points radially spaced
• 45° angled shaft
• Round handle, length 125mm
The Daya Disruptor is used for Corneal Strenghtening and creates tiny pores in the epithelium through which the Riboflavin can pass through and directly onto the cornea.
CXL – stands for Corneal Collagen Crosslinking using Riboflavin. This procedure involves instilling Riboflavin (one of the B vitamins) into the eye in a specific preparation. Once adequately dosed, the eye is exposed to Ultraviolet light radiation. This process results in an increase in the rigidity of the cornea. The procedure is suitable for those who have conditions such as Keratoconus or other forms of corneal ectasia.
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